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Sending commands to sonos speaker

You can control all your speakers by sending a message to sonos/uuid_of_speaker/control with the following payload:

  "command": "name_of_command",
  "input": "optional input for this command"

like (to set the volume to 10):

  "command": "volume",
  "input": 10

Supported commands

All these commands are crafted specially to be used in sonos2mqtt.

Command   Description Input
joingroup   Join another group by name name of other device
leavegroup   Remove current device from the group it’s in  
mute :speaker: Mute the volume  
next :fast_forward: Go to next song in queue  
notify :bell: Play a notification sound and restore playback see notifications
pause   Pause playback  
play :arrow_forward: Start playback  
playmode :twisted_rightwards_arrows: Change the playmode, when using queue NORMAL, REPEAT_ALL, SHUFFLE or SHUFFLE_NOREPEAT.
previous :rewind: Go to previous song in queue  
queue :heavy_plus_sign: Add a song to the queue Track uri
repeat   Switch repeat boolean true, false
seek :clock330: Seek in the current track Time like 0:02:45
selecttrack   Select another track in the current queue number
setbass   Set bass level number between -10 and 10
setbuttonlockstate :no_good: Enable or disable buttons on device On, Off
setledstate :low_brightness: Enable or disable device LED On, Off
setnightmode :moon: Enable or disable nightmode On, Off
setavtransporturi :abcd: Set the current playback uri, for advanced cases. playback or track uri (check out the trackUri topic to find the required value)
settreble   Set treble level number between -10 and 10
shuffle   Switch shuffle boolean true, false
sleep :zzz: Set a sleep timer for x minutes number or hh:mm:ss
snooze :zzz: Snooze running alarm for x minutes number or hh:mm:ss
speak :speech_balloon: Generate text-to-speech file and play as notification :tada: see text-to-speech
stop :no_entry_sign: Stop Playback  
switchtoline   Switch to line-in (on supported devices)  
switchtoqueue   Switch to queue  
switchtotv   Switch to TV input (on supported devices, eg. playbar)  
toggle   Toggle between pause and play  
unmute :mute: Unmute the volume  
volume :speaker: Set the volume to a value number (between 1 and 100)
volumedown :heavy_minus_sign: Decrease volume with 5 or number optional number
volumeup :heavy_plus_sign: Increase volume with 5 or number optional number

Check out the commands or the mapping if you’re interested in how this works.