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Using sonos2mqtt with FHEM

Some users of FHEM created a nice integration between FHEM and sonos2mqtt.


To use sonos2mqtt with fhem, you’ll need to run some scripts at system level.

# Install nodejs the way you prefer. See

# Install PM2 to keep the process running in the background
npm install -g pm2

# Install sonos2mqtt (commandline tool)
npm install -g sonos2mqtt

# Or install a specific version, by appending @3.0.6-beta.3 for example.
# npm install -g sonos2mqtt@3.0.6-beta.3

FHEM configuration

  1. Setup MQTT2 Server: define mqtt2s MQTT2_SERVER 1883 global
  2. Setup a “Bridge” Device and use a Template
    • define SonosBridge MQTT2_DEVICE
    • attr SonosBridge IODev mqtt2s
    • set SonosBridge attrTemplate sonos2mqtt_bridge_comfort
  3. Setup auto Start of sonos2mqtt
    • define n_pm2_sonos notify global:INITIALIZED "pm2 -s start sonos2mqtt"
  4. Startup sonos2mqtt {qx(pm2 start sonos2mqtt)}
  5. You’re done

More information

You can probably integrated sonos2mqtt with several home-automation services, but we cannot support all of them.